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  1. I scored 9970 words whereas the median quoted is 27123 But those results are based on native speakers only Then several friends of mine passed the test and received results 5750, 25200 (not Russian ), 5940, 8210 and 9370. So let's test ourselves and create our own database! And more convenient link than the one in the title: http://testyourvocab.com/ Update on the website stats is described here. Update 2: some explanation in Russian about the usability of different vocabulary sizes: http://habrahabr.ru/blogs/gtd/126189/
  2. Since quite some time I follow the new videos and talks appearing at their website: http://www.ted.com/. Wiki quote: TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, formed to disseminate "ideas worth spreading." And in simple words it's just a collection of videos featuring the reeeaaally (and I mean it ) good speakers who are renowned figures in their field and are able to communicate the fascination of their expertise to basically anyone So that you and I can just learn a piece of technology or design or business or science in 5-20 minutes And I think that it is a near perfect way to let your English grow and to acquire broad spectrum vocabulary. They even have built-in subtitles in ~20-40 languages! (though usually not Russian but English should do, right? ) Probably the best one to start with is the video with some humor and advice for every day life: How to tie your shows. You could be surprised that one can present something useful even on such mundane activity So the link is http://www.ted.com/talks/terry_moore_how_t...your_shoes.html. Hope you'll enjoy! Also, just in case you like it ( ) one of the easiest ways to follow the updates is to subscribe to http://twitter.com/#!/tedtalks